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how Russians want to leave Russia by any means insurance

Yes, they correctly write that without money it greatly limits the possibilities.

But, there really are options

with a work visa to Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Montenegro, the Baltic states. But legalization there will take five years or more. I mean, then to move freely across Europe in search of work. I would advise the Atlantic programs of Canada. There, you must pass the Aels on 4-4.5. Find the employer from the allowed lists.Have official work experience, as well as confirm a diploma.

You need money from 3600 for one, to 5900 for 4.

Other programs are more complicated and require money from 12,500 per one, up to 20,000. Plus money for official duties, medical fees, etc. True, you can go as a temporary worker, for example: to farms. There, you can for the season. But, there are farms that are gaining all year round. And under such contracts, you can stay up to 4 years.

But, usually less than 2 years.

There, the salary is not very high, but the employer often pays for the flight, sometimes accommodation and food. But, often, this is the cheapest option. Moreover, now they want to introduce a law that such workers will be allowed to obtain a residence permit. And earlier, it was necessary after 4 years to leave. Plus on agricultural work, the requirements for the language are very low.

Or learn it tskiy.S 2020 Germany is going to open the market to workers from third stran.No language everywhere now the main requirement.

Guys all the good time of the day. I have read a lot of stories. All of them are about the same that I sold the apartment, there is business or freelance allows. Tell me, are there any real options or stories.

I’m an ordinary guy,

I don’t have an apartment of 35,000. I have a good knowledge of English, maybe a little lower. Ordinary work in production at a printing house. I don’t want to seek asylum. I heard that you can settle in Spain for 3 years and keep all your checks then applying for a residence permit (but I only heard it).

It is desirable, of course,

to speak an English-speaking country, since there is a predisposition to the language and I think that learning another does not pose a big deal. I do not try to look for reasons why I can not and so on, I just want to know under my circumstances and opportunities a hundred whether it’s «rocking» or is it already on the territory of Russia to look for something. Thank you for the good answers)

What kind of insurance is needed for medicine and old-time car insurance

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you're right. Especially the group were mistaken who helped the villagers, ripping people off for IP schemes, and sending these newly-minted businessmen to illegal construction sites

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