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How to insure a Russian woman from rapists in Russia

How to insure a Russian woman from rapists in Russia I think that in our time, many girls have experienced the violence of their men. And I was no exception. I don’t even believe that I could be such a fool.

They beat me in the face, pulled my hair, strangled me, pushed me on the stairs, I walked with bruises, bumps. And I loved how I thought and forgave everything, lived with hopes. She lived in thought, and who needs me except him. “Thank you” to this guy, not only for physical pain, but also for moral and humiliation of personality.

I was to blame for something

but I never thought what kind of little things you could beat a girl. Once hit so hard that in the eyes of a flash, white light. Once I grabbed by the breasts, began to shake and choke, it was on the street, I screamed, but everyone walked without paying attention. Once dragged dragging.

I did not expect that this could happen to me. At first, we had a good relationship. I never knew about the pain that a man can cause. But I continued to meet with him, we were furious, we fought effortlessly, but even here he did not control the force, he could hit on the head, and I started to cry, and he told me “what are you constantly eating?”

I tried to explain that you are taller than me

Stronger, your arm is twice as big as mine, you even painfully do pain, he did not hear anything… But it all ended, hooray! Everything has passed. Girls, if you are abused several times, if you are humiliated, LEAVE THIS IS NOT THE LAST MAN ON THE PLANET. Love yourself, no one but you will love you more.

And, yes, when they raised a hand at me, I ran away, in the next brawl I also began to defend myself, to break my lips, nose to him, but

I got stronger.

The main thing is not to endure it, but to run far. What a pity that I understood this, only experienced on myself.

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