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Interesting facts about Germany from the Russians

What do you know about Germany? Many will answer that it is a state located in Central Europe. Others will say that the country's federal chancellor is Angela Merkel. Not very exciting information, right? Today we will talk about the most interesting facts related to Germany.

Interesting facts about Germany and the Germans.

-Angela Merkel, elected in 2005, became the first female chancellor in German history.

-Germany has about 5000 types of beer, 1500 types of sausages, 300 types of bread and about 500 kinds of different mineral water.

-Octoberfest hosts the world's largest beer festival in Germany.

-Every third brewery in the world is located in Bavaria.

-Gum was invented in Germany. This was done by Hans Riegel.

-In Germany, the daylight saving time was first made. It happened in 1916.

-Known to the world aspirin was also invented by the Germans. It was synthesized by Felix Hoffman (Bayer AG) in 1897.

-The largest number of police vehicles in Germany is Mercedes.

-The Germans do not know and are scared of dried fish.

-In Germany, you can not work and live for social assistance. True, very poor, but to live.

-The difference between the dialects of the German language is that television programs in the north sometimes go with translation, if spoken by the inhabitants of the south.

-When the question: «How to get there?» You will smile, get an iPhone, look at navigation and, explaining how to go, will offer to bring you by car — you are in Germany.

-If you happen to have got into a fight, then in order to obtain court indulgence, it must be confirmed that you did not clench your fists at the beginning of the fight.

-In the German court system, Wikipedia is a widely recognized source of information

— To evict a person who does not even pay in Germany is extremely difficult.

-The most popular sport in Germany is football. And the German national team is one of the strongest national football teams on Earth.

-Living in a rented property in Germany is the norm. Three-quarters of the population live in rented apartments and houses. Tenant security is extremely high. Even rented people live in rented housing.

-Music lessons for more than two hours a day are unacceptable to neighboring tenants and equated to noise — such are the laws governing rental housing in Germany.

-Repair of any things in Germany is so expensive that it is easier to buy a new thing.

— A fine for a torn flower is about 650 euros.

— The blame for the Second World War is introduced into the minds of the Germans from kindergarten.

-Children in Germany can do anything. Parents will respond. If there are no parents, then no one.

-In order for a child to be able to ride a bicycle, they are given special bicycle rights at school.

-In Bavaria, during the working day a person has the right to drink a mug of beer.

-The homeless often breed dogs. They get extra money for their maintenance.

-The Germans are wary of foreigners.

— Drawing a swastika or dropping a hand in a Nazi salute in Germany is forbidden by law.

-With the introduction of the euro, most prices in Germany soared twice. But still the standard of living in Germany is considered one of the highest in the world.

-In Germany, traumatic guns and gas canisters are forbidden

-If you have debts even for half a million, it is enough to declare your ruin and you will be obliged to find a permanent job, leave you alive for about a thousand euros and less than in 10 years, your debts will be written off.

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