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Why is living with a Russian girl beneficial for you?

Why is living with a Russian girl beneficial for you?

Not officially, without signing. As they say now — civil marriage. Although in fact — this is an ordinary cohabitation. Today everything is good and we live, tomorrow something didn’t fix it — we ran away. How can you women not understand that this destroys the institution of the family, weakens your feminine power

If anyone can benefit from such a cohabitation

only to men who are afraid to take responsibility for the family. A woman, however, does not feel protected in such a “civil marriage”, is in constant internal tension. In addition, no matter how much you deny this, deep down in your soul every day there is a grudge against a man for not wanting to see you as his legal wife.

Yes, yes, he doesn’t want to.

Just admit it to yourself. Of course, in this it is difficult to admit even to oneself, therefore, women begin to deny their desire to legitimize the relationship. “What will change the stamp in the passport?” They say, but they themselves dream that, finally, they should become his wife.

Fear of remaining one forces the weak floor to step over their principles and go against morale. Ready to cohabit with a peasant, being nobody.


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