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Надеемся, что обрадуем много людей этим постом :) Наша партнерская организация вот уже второй раз Activar Lousã приглашает EVS волонтера из России на проект «Be the soul of the mountains».

Работа в сотрудничестве с местным муниципалитетом, очень разнообразная и в которой определенно можно активно проявить себя!

Так как проект совсем скоро, а виза в Португалию на самая быстрая, при подаче заявке убедитесь, что ваш заграничный паспорт действителен минимум 6 месяцев после окончания проекта. Если это не так — увы!

Подробнейшее описание во вложении.

Для подачи заявки необходимо заполнить опросник во вложении и прислать его на ltv.sfera@gmail.com вместе со своим резюме с темой письма «EVS в Португалии» до 12 июня включительно. Ждем ваши заявки

Project description and goals:

The project «Be the soul of the mountains!» aims to promote the natural and cultural heritage of Serra da Lousã (Lousã mountains) and increase its touristic attractiveness through the development of dynamic and innovative activities, accessible to all persons. How? By creating synergies between local organisations, internacional volunteers and young and senior local people, who work together to spread the beauty and potential of these mountains nationwide and worldwide.

At the same time, they share experiences and learn together in an intercultural and intergenerational context and preserve the nature for future generations. We will host 4 volunteers in 2 different phases (1 from Germany and 1 from Russia in each phase), who will work for 12 months with Activar’s tourism office (Activar is the local development organisation promoting the project), planning and developing tourism activities and events, as well as involving the local community (especially young and senior people) in dynamics to preserve and promote the mountains’ heritage.

The main goal is to provide a truly intercultural and intergenerational long-term relationship to both volunteers, youngsters and seniors, which will surely be remarkable and will help shaping their personal and social development. The project is intended to overcome the bias between generations, by approaching them and valuing the wisdom and singularity of each individual, who will enrich themself through exchange and cooperation and therefore enrich their community and surrounding contexts as well.

Volunteer’s profile:

The project targets young people (17-30 years old), including participants with fewer opportunities (facing educational difficulties, cultural differences or social obstacles). We are looking for volunteers who enjoy working with difference audiences (youngsters, seniors, tourists) and are interested in the project's main topics. We welcome young people who are curious and motivated to learn and share knowledge and skills in an intercultural and intergenerational environment.

Больше информации можно получить обратившись за консультацией.

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